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The following is a list of fictional Microsoft products.

Operating systems

  1. Windows XP Second Edition (2013)
    1. Windows XP Second Edition Home Premium
    2. Windows XP Second Edition Professional
  2. Windows 365 (2017)
    1. Windows 365 Home
    2. Windows 365 Enterprise
    3. Windows 365 Professional
    4. Windows 365 Gaming
    5. Windows 365 Education
    6. Windows 365 Mobile
    7. Windows 365 Server

Office suites

  1. Microsoft Office XP SE (2013)
  2. Microsoft Office One (2019)


  1. Xbox Plus (2017)



  • New, Metro-like logo
  • Minor styling updates to search results page
  • Customizable home page
  • Now shows Internet Archive results if a prefix is added to the query


  1. Microsoft Encarta (2010) - a digital encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, quote repository, and more
  2. Microsoft FilePoint (2006) - an FTP client
  3. Microsoft Chat (2006) - an IRC client

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