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Minecraft: PlayBox Edition is an edition of Minecraft for the PlayBox home entertainment system, made by Olympus Inc. in conjunction with Mojang AB and 4J Studios. It was released on 22 April 2016 as a launch title for US$12.99. It was released on the PlayBox Store as a digital download for US$10.99 on 5 March 2017. A free demo version exists that lasts ten in-game days.


Minecraft: PlayBox Edition includes support for 12 shader effects, 1,000,000×1,000,000 block worlds, the ability to set custom skins, sixteen player online support, and a Minecraft mod store where players can try out and download modifications for the game.


The current version of Minecraft: PlayBox Edition is based off of PC 1.11.2. Gameplay is similar to that of other Console Editions of the game, with a few exclusive features. This is the only console edition of Minecraft to support experimental snapshots, and one can do so by joining the Beta Tester Program.

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