The Oasis Network (also known by the call letters WOAS-TV) is a basic cable and satellite television channel created by Open Media Ltd., a subsidiary of Olympus Inc.

Oasis Network first aired on January 1, 1999 and is available in the United States and Europe. A Japanese version of Oasis Network was available from 2005 until its discontinuation in 2007. 


There are seven stations, one for each region of the United States:

  • Cambridge, MA serves the New England region.
  • Philadelphia, PA serves the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Atlanta, GA serves the Southeast region.
  • Dallas, TX serves the Southwest region.
  • San Francisco, CA serves the West region plus Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Portland, OR serves the Northwest region.
  • Des Moines, IA serves the Midwest region.


The Oasis Network's first station was launched on 1 January 1999 in Dallas, TX, serving the southwest region of the United States. The Southeast Station (Atlanta, GA) and New England Station (Cambridge, MA) started broadcasting on 21 January 1999, and the rest of the stations started broadcasting 25-26 January 1999.

On 1 June 1999, Oasis Network began broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and France. Other areas of Europe would receive Oasis Network broadcasting between 1999 and 2001.

A Japanese version of the Oasis Network was launched in Tokyo in December 2005, but was discontinued in 2007 due to lack of viewership.




Title Premiere Date Description
Humanity August 1, 1999 A science fiction series set in the future and revolves around an evolving human society
Atlantis August 1, 1999 A fantasy series based around the famous Atlantis myth.
The World Files August 1, 1999 A documentary series about various national and world topics.
The Sci-Tech Inquiry August 2, 1999 Latest news in the fields of science and technology.
American Journey September 13, 1999

Documentary about landmarks, lore, and history in the United States

Today's News Today January 1, 2000 The latest in politics, current events, sports, and economics.


Title Original Network Premiere Date Description
America's Funniest Home Videos ABC

1990 (ABC)

1999 (Oasis)

A game show featuring humorous videos
MythBusters Discovery

2003 (Discovery)

2003 (Oasis)

A science entertainment program
Antiques Roadshow PBS

1997 (PBS)

1999 (Oasis)

A program where antiques of all kinds are appraised by experts.
American Experience PBS

1988 (PBS)

1999 (Oasis)

An American documentary program.
Nature PBS

1982 (PBS)

1999 (Oasis)

A nature and wildlife documentary program.


Shows that are currently aired in reruns are indicated in bold.


Title Year(s) aired Description
World War III 2007-2009 A wartime realistic fiction series set in the 2020s.
Judgement Day 1999-2002 A drama series that takes place during a war between good and evil.
Y2K 2005-2010 A fictional story about the Y2K bug causing mayhem and nuclear destruction across the globe. After the apocalypse subsides, 5 friends must embark on a journey to uncover what went wrong on January 1, 2000.


Title Year(s) aired Original network Description
World's Dumbest 2008-2014 truTV A comedy reality show featuring acts of stupidity from around the world