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Windows 365 is a personal computer operating system released by Microsoft on 29 September 2017. It runs on personal computers, mobile devices, server computers, and the Xbox Plus.


User interface

The taskbar supports groupings of icons, which can be done by either right-clicking the taskbar and choosing "Create Group" or dragging an existing icon onto another icon. There can be up to 9 icons in a grouping.

The Start orb design can be customized via the Control Panel.


Gadgets are lightweight, single-purpose applications that can be dragged around the desktop. In Windows 365 they snap to the right side of the screen in a sidebar. Third-party gadgets can be downloaded and installed, but the default gadgets are:

  • Calendar - a calendar servicer
  • Clock - a digital and analog clock, with timer capabilities
  • Contacts - a contact gadget that lists contacts from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook services
  • CPU Meter - a gadget that measures CPU speed, RAM usage, and other specifications
  • RSS Feed Headlines - a gadget that can collect data from RSS feeds
  • Notes - a sticky note gadget
  • Translator - a language gadget than can translate and speak aloud 73 different languages
  • Reader - a gadget that reads aloud text that is entered, for accessibility purposes
  • Weather - a weather gadget with 7-day and hourly forecasts provided by The Weather Channel


Internet Explorer 12

Internet Explorer 12 icon

Internet Explorer 12 is the default web browser for Windows 365 and has the following features:

  • A new download manager that lets users choose where to save files
  • Better HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL support
  • Improved security and phishing filters, updated weekly
  • Pin and group tabs
  • Reading View, read without distractions and in a clutter-free environment
  • Mute tabs that are playing audio from the tab bar
  • Slight CPU and RAM usage decrease
  • Support for Unity Web Player, WebVR, and Adobe Shockwave frameworks
  • Integration of Microsoft Rewards and Bing Translator services
  • Integrated PDF reader


  • Choose colors using an RGB value or a hexadecimal value
  • Blur, Smudge, Burn, and Sharpen tools
  • Transparency levels can be set
  • Undo limit raised to 50
  • Add multiple layers to an image
  • Color histogram
  • Color correction
  • Noise removal
  • Red-eye removal

Snipping Tool

  • Can take video recordings up to 5 minutes long, in .mp4 format

Task Manager

File Explorer

Control Panel

Windows Media Player

  • Support for more file formats such as .ogg
  • Support for broadcasting/transferring audio and video to a projector or mobile device

Windows Sound Recorder

Windows Calendar

Windows Contacts


  • Added currency conversion, with support for over 30 currencies

Command Prompt

Windows Defender

  • More anti-spam and anti-phishing filters


  • Syntax-highlighting for 30 programming languages
  • Optional dark theme

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Photo Gallery

Disk Manager

  • Cleanup of unnecessary files and the ability to defragment certain drives
  • Combined from "Disk Cleanup" and "Disk Defragmenter"

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