Windows XP Second Edition (Windowsxpse) is a personal computer operating system released by Microsoft on 13 August 2013.


User interface

  • Window borders turned red when a notification was present, making it easier to identify what alerts related to which window
  • Start Menu improved
    • Search bar where users can search for files, folders, and apps on the system
    • "My Contacts" shortcut added - leads to Windows Address Book
    • Support for drag and drop of apps in the left column
    • Optional transparency
  • Solid blue progress bars
  • New startup and shutdown sounds
  • Dialog boxes display their status on the taskbar
  • Improved Crash Screen
    • Automatic restart
    • Progress meter indicating how much error information is collected

A blue screen of death on Windows XP SE.


Internet Explorer 12

  • New download manager - choose where to save your downloads
  • Integrated Google Safe Browsing API
  • Better HTML5, WebGL, and CSS3 support
  • Ability to pop out videos from YouTube and other sites and drag them around the screen, for ease of use
  • Will now open .ogg files, similarly to Firefox
  • Reduced CPU and RAM usage by 50%
  • Reading View - read a webpage without the distraction of other content
  • Improved security and phishing filters
  • Ability to pin and group tabs
  • Ability to mute tabs playing audio from another tab

Outlook Express 7

  • Over 1,000 new emoji
  • Improved phishing and spam filters
  • Limited support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Signatures for accounts are stored in XML format
  • RSS reader - read Atom, Usenet, and RSS feeds from websites
  • Emails are stored as individual files instead of a binary database

Windows Address Book

  • Display pictures supported (must be 100x100 JPG or PNG files)
  • Better integration with Outlook Express 7
  • Fixed many exploits

Windows Calendar

  • Support for iCalendar and Google Calendar format
  • Sharing, subscribing and publishing of calendars on WebDAV-enabled servers

Windows Sound Recorder

  • Can record in .ogg, .wma, and .wav formats
  • Supports basic editing, including cropping, fading in and out, and increasing and decreasing volume

Windows Media Player 13

  • Support for .ogg, .ogv, and .oga files added

Control Panel

  • 3D Maze and 3D Pipes screensavers re-added

File Explorer

  • Redesigned file operation dialog with more detailed progress and allows for file operations to be paused and resumed, and a graph for transfer speeds

Task Manager

  • Heat map - programs using a lot of resources will be displayed in darker shades of yellow
  • New Startup tab - lists startup programs and their impact on boot time


  • Can choose colors via an HTML5 color code or an RGB value
  • Blur, Smudge, Burn, and Sharpen tools added
  • Ability to set transparency levels
  • Undo limit raised to 100


  • Date/Time converter added

Snipping Tool

Disk Manager

  • Cleanup of unnecessary files and the ability to defragment certain drives

Command Prompt

  • Re-sizable
  • Copy and paste support

Windows Security Center

Games Explorer

  • A collection of pre-installed games to play, includes
    • Pinball
    • Hearts
    • Minesweeper
    • Reversi
    • Solitaire
    • Spider Solitaire
    • FreeCell
    • Inkball


  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Java 8, and OpenGL 4.5 support
  • Support for floppy disks dropped
  • HS-DVD support